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About Me


My life is simple.
I am a mother of two brilliant children. My husband invents toys.
I climb. I run. I travel. I am a ninja. (No really, I do Kung Fu).
I believe in love. It is the most powerful thing I have ever met.

Those are the essential parts of who I am, but it's probably helpful for you to know that I have been photographing professionally for well over a decade.  I have my degree in Psychology from the Argosy School of Psychology in Chicago, IL and am an avid reader of photography books, lighting books, and camera manuals. Sometimes other photographers ask me to do lectures or workshops so I can share what I have learned about the Psychology of photography, or various lighting techniques. It's all pretty geeky stuff. But it's still important.

I am truly passionate about photographing people. Nothing compares to the excitement and satisfaction I feel when I am able to visually communicate the beauty, intricacies and fun of human personalities and relationships.

I love my clients and their stories are important to me. Every time I pick up the camera to photograph I am 100% committed to do the best I can possibly do because I am excited to produce something that will be unique and descriptive.

“The artist is the great simplifier.” -Van Gogh.

To take an infinitely complex set of personalities, interactions, facial features and environments and distill it into a simple descriptive photo. That is what I love.