Thai Ventures! Day 1 in Bangkok!

Some good friends of mine were married this past January in Thailand, and I was so blessed to have the opportunity to travel over there to witness it!

I love traveling but made sure to travel light.

My packing list for Thailand included:

one camera body, one lens: CHECK!

super mod hipster blue blockers: CHECK!

homeopathic jet lag pills: CHECK!

Ridiculously attractive traveling companion who can double as airplane pillow and body guard: CHECK!

We arrived early to adjust to the time change.

The cars run on propane in Bangkok, for the most part, so the air was very clean!

The Bangkok skyline, shot through a rusty fence.

I loved this tree!

also loved this super cute tourist!

We walked around our first day to get our bodies used to the time change, this park was a short walk from our hotel.


lily pad pond!

I like this story.

I saw this body guard for hire, but luckily I had already brought mine along. It's much more affordable that way.

These bunnies were so adorable and I got so excited when I saw them on the street market!

Then I realized they weren't being sold as pets . . .

Choose your food wisely! There were just some quick pics from my first day in Bangkok, I will put some more up very soon! What an adventure!!

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