Candid Family Portrait Session in Myrtle Beach

Candid Family Portrait.

This is not the first time I had the opportunity to shoot a candid family portrait session for the Hensley Family in Myrtle Beach, SC! I jet around quite a bit, for those of you who don’t know, and lucky for me I have some pretty faithful clients from coast to coast! You can see their last candid family portrait session here!

We met at Market Commons, which is a fun, boutique shopping mall with a lot of different shooting options. The goal was to shoot some family photos as well as their oldest daughter’s senior photos, which I will post soon!

I’m not sure if it comes across in the photos, but I love this family a TON!

Blog Collage-1382636552825

Since this wasn’t their first rodeo (I don’t use that phrase, but from what I can gather it must mean this wasn’t their first photo shoot with Liesl Diesel) they required very little direction or posing. And as you can see, Todd was blessed with a lot of lovely ladies in his life!

Blog Collage-1382636488290

I cannot believe how grown up Olivia looks since the last time I photographed their family. My mouth fell off my face when I saw her, simply gorgeous.

candid family portrait session myrtle beach

A wonderful group of kind, generous and sweet people.

sweet family lifestyle photos

Sonja & Todd, thank you so much for choosing me again to document the loving personalities of your family.

I will put up some favorites from Kelsie’s senior session very soon!

loving mother and father portrait

Much love,

Liesl Diesel

Punit & Ruby’s Lincoln Park Engagement

Punit & Ruby made the trip downtown from the suburbs for their engagement session and I think it was worth it for them!

We started in Lincoln Park and ended at the Chicago Cultural Center (yes, you do need a permit to shoot here so please be prepared ;-)

I used the images from this session to design a beautiful 13×13 guest book for their wedding as well!

Sunny & Tania Engagement

Sunny & Tania chose Adler Planetarium as the primary location for their engagement shoot, and it’s a spot that I highly recommend if you are in love with the Chicago skyline!

It was a surprisingly blustery evening, so after about 20 minutes by the lake we had to head inland to get away from the wind. We drove to Union Station and got some lovely evening shots in the city.

You will be seeing there wedding photos posted soon!

What does YOUR love look like?

Love sessions just might be my new passion. Am I aloud to have several passions?

What is a love session?

It is a portrait session for a couple AFTER their wedding.

After the rush. After they settle. After they’ve had some trials and after they’ve found support in one another.

I enjoyed recording what Nikki & Pete’s love looked like after they had some time to learn more about one another after marriage.

I am even more in love with them now!

You can see their wedding photos here.

And all the photos from their love session are here.

We had SO SO much fun together, and I hope that shows in the photos. These two have inspired me so much since I photographed their wedding last May.

Always kind, always giving back to the community and supporting their friends.

I think their playfulness with one another really displays how they love and click together!

I love you both, look for a surprise in the mail soon!!!! <3 <3 <3

Liesl Diesel

Fall in Love

A few of my favorite things?



Falling in Love

LeRon & Gro Anita were visiting the US from Norway and asked me to photograph them while they were here. I split their session with part of the shoot near Market Commons, Myrtle Beach and the other part of the session was at Boone Hall Plantation in Mount Pleasant, SC. It was inspiring to see their love and affection for one another and how they interacted. You can see all my favorites from the shoot on their facebook album.

Look at the people around you this season, and fall in love all over again!


Liesl Diesel

Super special thanks to Velynda from Two Chicks & a Pod for being my lighting assistant!

If you follow my blog at all, you know I love sparkling things, so I was pretty happy when I saw these leaves!

I love the fall so much! This is what November is like in Myrtle Beach, gorgeous!

They were surprisingly good tango dancers!

LeRon looks at me after making Gro Anita laugh, I love this glance.



Off to Boone Hall! A very cool historical location.

This place is very much worth a visit if you are in the area!

Tons of crazy famous movies were filmed here and the tours are very well done

The spanish moss and live oaks that line the lane leading to Boone Hall Plantation are so beautiful!

love birds!

This season, dance with someone you love!

laugh together

Fall in Love

Thank you for letting me capture your love, Leron & Gro Anita! I hope to see you again soon!

The Importance of Prints

The Importance of Prints

Have you ever framed a photo just so that you could remember what fun you had at that moment and who you were with?

With digital images, files on hard drives and CD’s, too many people have turned their back on framing simple, seemingly insignificant photos. My challenge to you is to put your memories on your wall. Not in a little flip book on your coffee table or an album on the shelf; ON YOUR WALL! Walk by these moments daily and soon they will become significant visual reminders of the people you love in your life, and your love will grow.

If you have an event on my shopping cart, take advantage of 2 for 1 prints through December 10th and 20% off canvas prints through December 30th! Order your prints no later than December 13th to receive them in time for holiday gift-giving, and order your canvas prints no later than December 4th!

What photos do I recommend that you frame? ANY photo that makes YOU smile! Perfectly lit portraits or candid shots goofing off, if it makes you smile, FRAME IT!



If it makes me smile, I frame it!


Seeing these smiles every time I sit with my kids to eat makes me so happy!




To most people there is nothing special about these images, but my mood is lifted every time I walk by them! Frame your photos, you will never regret it!


Nothing that makes you smile is too insignificant for your wall!




yes, I frame pretty much ANYTHING that makes me smile!


Order soon to take advantage of the 2-for-1 Print Special!

Framing Families

Sometimes I think I am just plain lucky.  I get to frame moments like this and give these pictures to families that will remember this exact moment forever.  I shot the Horn Family this past Monday at Myrtle Beach State Park.  When I shoot portraits for families I like to focus on two things.  First, what will they want to put in a frame?  What will go on their wall from this shoot?  Secondly, what will describe their family dynamic?  These are the shots I take to satisfy my artistic desire.  Of course, I always hope that both of these types of shots will end up on their walls:)

Thanks Cara & Jeff for letting me do this for you!


Liesl Diesel

Portraits can describe family dynamics, I love the energy in this photo.

The cuteness factor in this family is simply overwhelming!

Jeff and Cara are amazing parents. Not only are they raising three amazing, fun, unique children but they have a beautiful committed love that I truly respect.

It doesn't take much to keep kids happy at the beach!

Levi digs his koala style momma ride! I love his face!

Karissa framed in loving arms