Surprise Proposal on Pomona Campus – Kabir & Sneha

Surprise Proposal on Pomona Campus – Kabir & Sneha

I met Kabir quite some time ago when he helped his brother, Dev, plan a surprise proposal for his girlfriend. You can see Dev and Trish’s surprise proposal here!

Kabir planned his surprise proposal for Sneha well in advance as well! The families had both agreed to the union and he planned to propose to her during their portrait session the day of their engagement ceremony, which was held at their home. The portrait session was nearby at the Pomona College Campus, which is so beautiful!

liesl diesel photo pomona college campus engagement indian sari pink orange greenThe campus is full of beautiful gardens, sculptures and architectural elements.
liesl diesel photo engagement session pomona college campus indian bride groom ocf sari

Kabir and I discussed ahead of time how we could decide when to surprise Sneha with the engagement ring and proposal. Since I had never been on the campus, we agreed that when I found the perfect picturesque spot I would say, “What an ideal location!” When I saw this beautiful tree and lawn I knew it would be perfect. I posed Sneha with her back to Kabir and started shooting. He dropped to one knee and then I directed her to turn around.

Of course, she said yes!

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liesl diesel photo engagement session pomona college scuplture garden

We walked around the campus and found so many beautiful places to photograph! We finished the portrait session by this beautiful glass building which is surrounded by a reflective flat pool. A beautiful piece of architecture with a stunning couple!

liesl diesel photo indian engagement session pomona college abstract architecture reflective building poolliesl diesel photo romantic engagement session indian bride groom pomona college campus

Finally we headed back to the house to celebrate with friends and family and hold the religious ceremony.

liesl diesel photo abstract architecture indian engagement portrait bride groom pomona campus

liesl diesel photo engagement party indian bride groom coconut prayers

Thank you so much for hiring me and I hope you both have a blessed life together!

Liesl Diesel

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