Coffee Connoisseurs or Starbucks-a-holics?

Who doesn’t enjoy an occasional cup of joe?

I am certainly no exception to the caffeine craze that affects most Americans.

In fact, I protect my gourmet java with a band of ninjas who permanently reside on my favorite coffee mug!

Anna & Rich met at Starbucks and have since shared a love for coffee AND each other! Their wedding was coffee-themed, even their favors were chocolate covered espresso beans from Starbucks (yes, I snagged some of those bad boys).

On the way to our portrait location, they simply needed a refresher on the caffeine levels in their system, so we stopped at a local Starbucks to recharge!

A few chess maneuvers while waiting for their precious brew.

Not sure who won this game, but both players seem pretty happy :)

Just the refresher they needed!

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