Island Hopping in The Philippines!

Island Hopping in The Philippines!

I have just returned from a trip to Mexico, and realized I never did blog anything from a trip I took over the summer to The Philippines! Just one month after my outrageously gorgeous trip to Israel, I got to fly across the globe for some Island hopping in the Philippines!

It was a two week long trip so I don’t have time to write about everything I got to do while I was over there, but I do encourage anyone who has the opportunity to visit to do so. It is a beautiful diverse set of islands with wonderful people and so much to see and do!

One of the oldest standing churches in the country.

spanish catholic church philippines filippino adventure island hopping liesl diesel photo destination fashion and lifestyle photographer

A scene from the town of Manjuyod. Boys play basketball on a homemade hoop while mopeds and motorcycles are lined up for evening mass.

homemade basketball hoop filippino philippines mopeds at catholic mass

Motorcycles are very prevalent over there, I saw as many as 6 people on one bike at a time. Pig roasts are also a huge part of their culture, every family that hosted a gathering had one!

Outside the market the streets are full of customized pedi cabs for shoppers to carry home their wares. Pedi cabs are all unique, cheap, and a very fun/fast way to get around!
A farmer transports a truckload of eggs to the market, and I enjoy the colors and lights at a banana stand.
egg-truck-banana-stand-philippinesA Cebu
My last stop before heading back to Manilla, Vista Mar Dive Resort! These were the real colors of the sunset the night I arrived here. It was unbelievable.
Thank you to everyone for your patience while I was out of the country, I will be back in full swing at my office starting tomorrow!

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  1. LOVE! My brother just came back from the Phillipines and I had an opportunity to go about five years back and I didn’t, and now I wish I had. I love travel photos. Your photos look amazing, I just wanna hop on a plane and go! Oh to be rich! :)

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