California Deposit Account Control Agreement

2. If paragraph 1 is not applicable and an agreement between the bank and its client on the account expressly provides that the contract is governed by the law of a particular jurisdiction, that jurisdiction falls within the bank`s jurisdiction. (a) A debtor who has sold an account, chat paper, intangible payment or debt will not retain any legal or appropriate interest in the assets sold. (“deposit account”) with the bank, pursuant to an agreement between the bank and the customer, following which the customer received from the bank the sum of a presentation from the borrower that the account is a “deposit account” (f) A security interest for deposit accounts, debt securities or locked-in assets that are governed by the law of the bank`s jurisdiction , the jurisdiction of the issuer, the jurisdiction of a designated person, the jurisdiction of the investment intermediary or the jurisdiction of the investment intermediary, if necessary, be ready until the previous installation or the perfection of a security interest remains on the account. (b) A cat paper buyer takes precedence over a safety interest in cat paper, which is not only claimed as a product of a safety interest when the buyer indicates a new value and takes possession of the cat paper or takes good faith control of the cat paper in accordance with section 9105 as part of the buyer`s ordinary activity. , and without knowing that the purchase violates the rights of the secure party. (5) This is a security interest for certified securities, documents, goods or instruments, which is perfected without filing, control or holding under the subdivision (e), f or g) of Section 9312. A licensee of non-exclusive rights to a film established on the basis of one or more collective agreements in accordance with U.S. law takes his non-exclusive license in that film, subject to a perfect security interest, which guarantees the imvertrag of the existing collective agreement or guarantees several collective agreement obligations for the payment of the remains and arises from exploitation under the license. The terms “movement image” and “remains” have the meaning attributed to these terms in existing collective agreements.

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