Arc Lief Funding Agreement

Adjunct or Emeritus Appoint or equivalent means that an eligible organization has a formal agreement with a researcher who establishes a common link with the eligible organization, which is enthusiastic, and is assumed to be an emeritus or volunteer academic or fellow host. The CRA may seek proof of such an association if deemed necessary. 12.1.4 The CRA reserves the right to subdivide the Minister on the basis of any number of evaluations or only on the evaluation of CRA funding recommendations. The CRA has implemented three evaluation cycles for the Linkage project round, which will be promoted in 2020. (iii) “a justification for the funding requested by the CRA”; 4.2.1 LIEF provides eligible organizations with funding for infrastructure, equipment and research facilities to support high-quality research projects. The Australian Research Council (CRA) provides funding opportunities for research and researchers. Significant support for large-scale offers, led by researchers at Flinders University, is provided on a case-by-case basis in relation to the strength of the offer and the expected return of research funds to Flinders. Funding rules for funding infrastructure, equipment and facilities for financing from 2011 6.2.2 Projects will only be funded for a one-year period, except for subscriptions or other payments to major international research organizations eligible for funding of up to five years. 6.1.5 The CRA reserves the right to recommend funding for a project at a level that may deviate from the requirements of the proposal.

11.6.3 The CRA reserves the right to obtain proof at any time from the administrative organization that supports certification in a proposal submitted to the CRA. If such evidence is not provided by the administrative organization or if the evidence is deemed insufficient by the CRA, the CRA may, at its sole discretion, decide to recommend not approving the proposal for funding. 12.4.2 The CRA may, at its sole discretion, decide to recommend a proposal that would not be approved for funding if: 6.5.2 If the CRA considers that the proposal requires funding for one of the unauthorized items under Sections 6.4 or 6.5, the proposal is therefore not recommended or approved for funding. However, subject to item 6.4.3, if the CRA believes that other parts of the proposal can continue to be supported, the CRA may recommend approval of a reduced amount of funding allocated to the proposal. When publishing information on an approved proposal for funding, the CRA may use a description of the project, including the title and summary, which may be different from that provided in the proposal. 10. The CRA will not provide dual financial support for research infrastructure, equipment and facilities, or research that are already funded by the Commonwealth or that are likely funded by other Commonwealth funding sources, including other CRA assistance programs (Section 9.2). As a result, no portion of the cash contributions from infrastructure, equipment and facilities organizations solicited under Commonwealth financial assistance can be funded by Commonwealth funding or should be funded for the same infrastructure, equipment and facilities. 9.1.3 The CRA may contact other funding agencies to discuss possible overlaps between proposed or existing research projects (including grants) to avoid dual funding.

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